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Nutri Balance The start for adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, both for you and your family.

Stress, busy work schedule, lack of sports and inadequate nutrition can affect your health and the efficiency of your day to day activities.

Under the guidance of Alina Stoica, nutritionist with a wide experience in this field, you will discover the principles of a correct nutrition, realized especially for you, depending on your personal information.

The program is dedicated especially to mothers, pregnant women, children and you can choose individual or family sessions.

Thus, the nutrition doesn’t become a measure of the food quantity and the extra kilos, but it is related to the individual needs of the modern man, playing a main role in reaching your personal objectives.

The program addresses also to mothers who are interested in building up and maintaining a healthy nutrition for their family. Alina will help you discover rules and tips & tricks for implementing a correct diet for the little ones, suggestions for completing the alimentation from the kindergarten and many other advices which will contribute to the harmoniously development of your family.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose from:

1. Personalized evaluation:

  • Building up a personalized nutrition plan, starting from an unique questionnaire made by the nutritionist after modern scientific principles, according to the medical tests, symptoms, lifestyle, preferences / nutrition restrictions and family History of the patient;

  • Identifying the food risk factors and eliminating them.

2. Personalized nutrition programs for children (the different cellular structure mandatory leads to different solutions).

3. Nutrition programs specific to pathological states of health  (immune deficiencies, convalescence, allergies, food intolerance, obesity, power imbalances).

4. Personalized diets for diverse physiological states (pregnancy and breastfeeding).

5. Continuous monitoring.


  • Nutri Balance 60min

    1 session | 180 LEI | 1 time availability
    6 sessions | 900 LEI | 6 weeks availability
    10 sessions | 1400 LEI | 10 weeks availability

    Stejarii Country Club members benefit from 10% discount.

    Monday , Wednesday: 5 PM – 9 PM
    Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10 AM – 2 PM

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Metabolic Balance Improve your health, adjust your body weight on the long term and have a general balanced lifestyle.

The program offers you a revolutionary software which will establish a personalized nutrition plan, just for you, on the basis of the results of blood tests and other personal information.

The program Metabolic Balance includes 8 counselling sessions which can take place on a period of 3-6 months, benefiting of the full support of our counsellor Bogdan Neculai.

The introductory session is free of charge and consists of explanation of the concept, followed by a general health evaluation (60 minutes):

  • Anamnesis;
  • Analysis of body composition with a Tanita scale;
  • Interpretation of the analysis’s results;
  • Anthropometric measurements;
  • General rules of a healthy nutrition according to Metabolic Balance concept:
  • Individualized suggestions regarding improving lifestyle;
  • Presentation of the Metabolic Balance concept.


Metabolic Balance Program consists of the following stages:

  • Making a set of blood tests;
  • Developing a personalized nutrition plan, based on the results set by the computer software;
  • Regular monitoring of the body composition with the Tanita scale;
  • Permanent support from the counselor during the whole program.



  • Metabolism and body weight adjustment;
  • Vitality and performance;
  • Skin beauty;
  • Balanced lifestyle.


  • Metabolic Balance

    8 counselling sessions program | 2700 LEI | 3-6 months availability

    Stejarii Country Club and Shiseido Spa Members benefit of 10% discount.

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 12:00 – 16:00;
    Tuesday and Thursday: 12:00 – 18:00;
    Saturday: 12:00 – 18:00.

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